Plenty of fish dating site problems

Posted by / 11-May-2020 20:10

So what are others saying about the Plenty of Fish website, and the service it’s said to provide?Let’s peek at a few Plenty of Fish reviews from around the web, and see if anyone’s found their soul mate. There are websites like which advertise that they’re free, then charge you an arm and a leg to send a message to a prospective date.The algorithm that Plenty of Fish uses to match users is very basic. On the one end, you’ve got the (scammy) Tawkify, which promises that real people will personally match you with the love of your life.On the other hand, there’s – well – Craigslist dating ads. The site relies heavily on very basic information to match users: age, sex, location.We’ve talked about a few dating sites here on You Reviews.Some are scams – okay, most are scams – but some are not. How does this dating service compare to the others?

You won’t be banned from the site for providing your personal email address or your Kik ID.What’s best is that there are oodles of people who use the site.It’s a well-known dating website so you’ll have a lot of prospective matches. Many people who used Plenty of Fish were overwhelmed.In that regard, you’ll be doing a lot of work to find your mate.Overall, though, there weren’t too many negative Plenty of Fish reviews.

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The dating service, like most others, is localized to your area, though it does cover expanded regions.