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References Ilaria G, Jacobs JL, Polsky B, Koll B, Baron P, Mac Low C, Armstrong D, Schlegel PN.

Detection of HIV-1 DNA sequences in pre-ejaculatory fluid.

The risk factors of this change for different groups and are dependent on different circumstances.

However, a more recent study found that 41% of subjects produced pre-ejaculatory samples that contained spermatozoa and in 37% a reasonable proportion of the sperm were motile.You can only get it when certain fluids from someone who's infected get into your body. Use a condom to cut your chances of the virus passing between you. If you're trying to catch HIV, this is the way to have sex. And while condoms work to protect you if they stay in place, they're more likely to break during this kind of sex. First, there's not likely to be the right kind of body fluid on public surfaces.You might, but it's not nearly as likely as when you have anal or vaginal sex. The person who ends up with semen or vaginal fluid in their mouth is at greater risk. And if there were, the virus would probably die before you got to it; it can't live long outside a body.All content taken from, and other famous tube sites.Links with copyright violations or other illegal content will be removed immediately upon request.

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