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Predating a

Spiders are predatory, as well as other terrestrial invertebrates such as scorpions; centipedes; some mites, snails and slugs; nematodes; and planarian worms.In marine environments, most cnidarians (e.g., jellyfish, hydroids), ctenophora (comb jellies), echinoderms (e.g., sea stars, sea urchins, sand dollars, and sea cucumbers) and flatworms are predatory.This has led to criticism that the term is being misused, or overused, and thus has lost its original meaning and effectiveness.Predation is a biological interaction where one organism, the predator, kills and eats another organism, its prey.Predators may actively search for prey or sit and wait for it.When prey is detected, the predator assesses whether to attack it.Other adaptations include stealth and aggressive mimicry that improve hunting efficiency.Predation has a powerful selective effect on prey, and the prey develop antipredator adaptations such as warning coloration, alarm calls and other signals, camouflage, mimicry of well-defended species, and defensive spines and chemicals.

However, the concept of predation is broad, defined differently in different contexts, and includes a wide variety of feeding methods; and some relationships that result in the prey's death are not generally called predation.If it chooses pursuit, its physical capabilities determine the mode of pursuit (e.g., ambush or chase).There is a continuum of search modes with intervals between periods of movement ranging from seconds to months.Sometimes predator and prey find themselves in an evolutionary arms race, a cycle of adaptations and counter-adaptations.Predation has been a major driver of evolution since at least the Cambrian period.

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