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Ethical principals refrain from inappropriate conduct and relationships with students and staff.

These activities include making obscene gestures, snapping compromising photos or having intimate relations.

Explain now that we share more things in common that you just might not realize. If they have these in common, they will join the middle of the circle.

Ask them to take a minute and recognize the people standing around you that share the same things with you. The statements at the beginning are simple and lack little meaning.

Principals of highly effective schools are well-respected leaders not afraid to serve their teachers and students.

They lead by example but avoid intruding on their teachers' unique teaching methods.

They are champions for due process and respect the rights of all human beings. They need to honor all aspects of their employment contract.

This type of conducts includes all forms of communication.

Text messages, phone calls and social media interactions that are deemed wrong by the school board can result in the principal's termination.

If you believe you are a victim of bullying, sexual harassment, or dating violence, report this information to a campus administrator or other adult immediately.

All allegations are taken seriously and will be investigated immediately.

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All charges of bullying, sexual harassment, and dating violence are to be taken seriously by students, faculty, staff and administration members and parents.

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