Professional dating matchmaking services

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Professional dating matchmaking services

After the appointment has been set, both private matchmakers and marketing agencies follow a standard process.There are some high-end private matchmakers, however, who have a long waiting list just to get in.This usually ranges between 0 - 0 a year depending on your location and your chosen agency’s reputation.Availing this package allows you to be a part of the selection pool for the agency’s or the real matchmaker’s clients who avail of their premium services.

After signing up, they will ask you to build an online profile that only they can see, then you will get a call for a sit-down meeting with one of their matchmakers.There are also some real life matchmakers who have a highly selective screening process. Everyone can sign up and meet the right match regardless of age, gender, and profession. Pairing with Potential Matches After the initial consultation, matchmakers will review what he or she has learned from your meeting.They look into different factors when deciding on your potential matches such as: All these will be taken into account when gauging your compatibility with their selection pool of singles.However, it took some time for them to find the right person.They had to go on dates and spend so much to find the one.

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However, it was reported that singles who avail real life matchmakers spend and average of $5,000 yearly, while some people even spend as much as $10,000 to $50,000 just to find the one they will marry.

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