Pros and cons of dating a filipina

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Pros and cons of dating a filipina

Outside of the Philippines, they are like most other girls you would encounter in that specific country. Point 1: Filipinas don't thrust any other Filipina when it comes to foreign guys. BUT, there are many black sheeps who try to take advantage of this.They adopt the behavior of the people around them very fast. There will be jealousy, fighting, bad talking the whole palette. Especially if there is a foreigner involved, then it often happens that parts of the family or the whole family puts pressure on the girl to get more money out of her boyfriend.Philippines girls are rightly considered one of the most attractive eastern women.Being warm and sunny in nature, they really like newcomers who are tired of the coldness in the relationship and economic engagement characteristic for Europe or the US.When I am stable I probably will do the same except with a man (yes I'm gay).

Is she willing to have you around her friends and family?Foreigners are often seen as walking ATMs for that matter.Even if your girl is not like this, she needs to have a really strong character to not get influenced by friends, family or even neighbors.Beside all that, if you find the right one, filipinas are the best partners you can have.It's just damn hard, nowadays, to find a good one.

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It was well know that the white lady (a local ghost) was often seen in this area and of course it had to be her doing.