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Protein clock dating

It is composed of three proteins, Kai A, Kai B and Kai C, that together form a circadian clock.At the beginning of the cycle, Kai A (at the top, PDB entry These clocks have a period of about 24 hours, but as you can imagine, they are not exact.For the first day or two, you experience jet lag because your clock is synchronized with the old schedule.But gradually, the bright light of day (blue light seems to work best) shifts your clock to bring you into alignment with the local time.The small hormone melatonin is produced selectively at night, and circulates through the blood to coordinate our nightly activities, such as sleep.

In order to calculate the rate at which a stretch of DNA changes, biologists must use dates estimated from other relative and absolute dating techniques.

Our cells contain tiny molecular clocks that measure out a 24-hour circadian rhythm.

This clock decides when we get hungry and when we get sleepy.

That means that the two DNA versions differ by 100 million years of evolution and that their common ancestor lived 50 million years ago.

Since each lineage experienced its own evolution, the two species must have descended from a common ancestor that lived at least 50 million years ago.

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Molecular clocks For the past 40 years, evolutionary biologists have been investigating the possibility that some evolutionary changes occur in a clock-like fashion.

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