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Psychology love attraction dating marriage

It used to be more about providing safety and solidity, now people want psychological fulfilment from their marriages.More than ever people expect marriage to be more of a journey towards self-fulfilment and self-actualisation.

The brain gets a similar ‘hit’ from love as it does from a small dose of cocaine.A study of co-parenting post-divorce has found it can go one of five ways, the first three of which are considered relatively functional: Finally, as we live in a highly commercialised world where we’re encouraged to think love can be bought and sold, it’s worth remembering that often it’s the small things that can make a difference.A recent survey on the psychology of love of over 4,000 UK adults found that simple acts of kindness are often appreciated the most.In a survey, women in particular rated kissing as important, but more promiscuous members of both sexes rated kissing as a very important way of testing out a new mate.But kissing isn’t just important at the start of a relationship; it also has a role in maintaining a relationship.

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