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Psychology only child dating

The myth of the “peculiar” only child originated in the late 19th century, when a psychologist surveyed more than 1,000 kids (only 46 of whom were only children) and deemed sibling-free children more likely to be “ugly, poorly behaved, and stupid.” Unforunately, this stereotype has stuck around for more than 100 years, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary—including a large study that found only children have no disadvantage when it comes to social skills.

Let’s be real: , a large amount of research shows “singletons are no more spoiled than the overall population.” Which isn’t to say we’re not any less materialistic than others—nowadays, most parents (59 percent according to one poll) admit to spoiling their kids, regardless of how many they have.

Not that anyone really likes to fight, but arguments among friends, with S. Because I never had to deal with daily screaming matches among siblings, I’m not used to confrontation and tend to take it personally.

On the plus side, my sensitivity also makes me more considerate toward others’ feelings, and I always try to think about how my actions may make others feel.

In today’s sharing-centric world, it’s normal for people to post every minute detail of their daily lives.

As Newman points out, spoiling “is a parenting problem not cured by having two children instead of one.” Maybe I did receive a few more Christmas presents than I would’ve if I had siblings, but I’m glad my parents raised me to be grateful, gracious, and not a brat. I internalized a lot of it and am still very self-motivated to live up to high standards.

Only children can “push themselves pretty hard,” as psychologist Carl Pickhardt, Ph.

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Yes, I know how to share—food, my home, and my clothes. I like the way I’ve organized my kitchen, bathroom, and color-coded closet, and I have to make an effort not to be a control freak outside of my home.

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