Rachel dating russ

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Rachel dating russ

Remember when Rachel introduces everyone to Russ, and they freak out because he looks just like Ross?

After Ross returned home from China with his new girlfriend, Julie, Rachel took it upon herself to meet someone identical to her crush.

She was marrying Barry for his financial security, not for love, and just couldn’t do it.

It turned out, leaving Barry was the best thing that ever happened to her. Barry and Rachel had a couple of run-ins after she ran out on him, but they ultimately went their separate ways.

However, they were not together at the time of filming.

After the actors broke up, show products asked Donovan to play Rachel’s love interest on the show (awkward)!

In addition to Ross, Rachel had a couple of other significant relationships on the show — one of which was with Tag, her assistant at Ralph Lauren.

There was one incident where Joey accidentally proposed to Rachel (and she said yes) and another where they tried to make out on a couch but felt too weird about it.

The two ultimately ended things and stayed good friends. We first learn of Barry in episode one after Rachel runs out on their wedding.

That said, after Ross broke things off with Julie, Rachel ended things with Russ.

Both were left broken-hearted but then found each other and fell in love.

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He didn’t have any qualifying experience for the job, but Rachel hired him anyway because he was “so pretty.” At the time, Rachel didn’t think her attraction would be an issue, but the two ended up dating shortly after his start date.

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