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Rachel Greenwald is a renowned dating coach and matchmaker whose book Find a Husband After 35 (Using What I Learned at Harvard Business School) is a New York Times bestseller and is published in 18 languages around the world.

Using classic marketing tactics from the business world, she developed an innovative program for the dating world designed to help women find a wonderful husband quickly and efficiently.

” It was a fascinating experience to help me understand what revs my engine, and at the end of the week, surprisingly there were only 3 actions that rated 5 stars: drinking my English Breakfast tea in the morning, kissing my husband, and talking to a 41-year-old single friend of mine who was struggling to find Mr. The first two actions didn’t seem like potential candidates for a new career, but the third one was the charm.

I loved the excitement I felt that week as I told my single friend how to meet men.

I had absolutely no clue, but I knew one thing: I could no longer go into an office and pretend that bottles of water were the most important thing in my day.

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” Start asking instead, “What makes my adrenaline spike when I’m actually dong it? So, I think I’m the first Harvard MBA to enter the “love business”, but here’s what I know for sure: I am IN LOVE with what I do, my schedule is 100% flexible and I can safely say that the dating business was a very unexpected career choice for a happily married woman of 20 years.

Want to hear more about what it’s like to be a matchmaker?

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Read this interview with Rachel Greenwald in the Harvard Business School Alumi Magazine. Tags: bootcamp, dating, dating advice, dating coach, dating tips, Love, love advice, matchmaker, matchmaker training, matchmaking, Rachel Greenwald, Relationship, relationship coach Category: Dating, Marriage, Relationships About Rachel Greenwald: New York Times bestselling author, Dating Coach, Matchmaker, and Speaker.

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