Radgrid not updating on postback web services validating the sender

Posted by / 27-Feb-2020 18:29

In our situation this took a few seconds and therefore I wanted something to show that data was loading. The Rad Ajax Loading Panel object looked like a great fit.

By default it presents a nice loading animation similiar to what I have seen in Silverlight. NET Framework environment, the Rad Ajax Loading Panel worked like a charm.

In the preceding tutorial we examined how to add a column of radio buttons to the Grid View for the purpose of selecting a particular record.

A column of radio buttons is a suitable user interface when the user is limited to choosing at most one item from the grid.

This sequence of markup allowed the loading panel animation to display everytime there was a postback to get the detail data without refreshing the entire page within Share Point.

As I said above, I think the key was wrapping the Ajax Manager and the Rad Grid within a Rad Ajax Panel which was not needed or shown in the Telerik demos.

At times, however, we may want to allow the user to pick an arbitrary number of items from the grid.

Rather than actually deleting products from the database, for this example we'll just display a message stating the products that would have been deleted.

That is, in order to use the Check Box Field we must specify the underlying data field whose value is consulted to determine whether the rendered checkbox is checked.

We cannot use the Check Box Field to just include a column of unchecked checkboxes.

To accommodate this, add a Label Web control beneath the Button.

Set its ID to Take a moment to view the page in a browser (see Figure 5).

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