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The systematic record of sampling data in the field appears to be essential for the implementation of the method and thus the calculation of reliable age results.Consequently, we propose here some basic guidelines to help non-dating specialists intending to collect fossil teeth from archaeological or geological context for subsequent ESR dating purposes.In contrast, the dose rate is evaluated by measuring the radioactivity in the tooth itself (in all the dental tissues constituting the tooth, i.e.enamel, dentine and, sometimes, cement) and in its surrounding (sediment, rocks, etc.).However, in the case of heterogeneous sedimentary context, it may be useful to estimate radioactivity for overlying and underlying strata and different sedimentological components located in the surrounding of the tooth.

By definition, the cosmic rays are attenuated by the rock and sediment covering the tooth.

The application of the method to fossil teeth requires the collection of a number of data related to the geological environment of the sample (e.g., site type, sedimentary context, accurate location in the stratigraphic sequence, homogeneity of the sediments, etc.), in addition to those from the sample itself.

In order to guide non-dating specialists aiming to sample teeth for ESR dating purposes, we present hither a short paper with some basic guidelines for field work, along with a sampling form to record field data necessary for an optimal implementation of the ESR dating method.

U), l’application des méthodes paléodosimétriques (OSL, TL, ESR) requiert l’acquisition de données provenant non seulement de l’échantillon, mais également de son environnement proche.

Pour la datation par Résonance de Spin Électronique (ESR) d’émail dentaire, les données relatives à l’échantillon et à son contexte sédimentaire sont indispensables à la reconstruction des débits de dose associés.

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