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Harris described the book in this way during the interview: The idea of the book is that a lot of times, in dating, we play a lot of games with each other.

We hurt each other, we get into relationships when we’re not really ready to pursue commitment.

Studying at Regent College, he says he has been confronted by many new ideas and is reevaluating the outlook presented in his best-seller of twenty years ago..

That process of reevaluation has broadened since Harris met Jessica Van Der Wyngaard at Regent.

I wanted to make a documentary so a greater spectrum of Christian voices could be heard on this important topic that affects all of us.

Thanks to the divine timing of God, Joshua Harris found himself also at Regent College at precisely the time I was considering making such a film.

It was during this time that I began my MA in Theological Studies at Regent College.

Also at this time I felt compelled to respond to the growing frustrations I saw in my fellow believers who grew up reading books such as I Kissed Dating Goodbye and were now feeling let down by its teachings.

Through the connective platform of social media, Harris has been dealt a battering of online criticism from disenchanted Christians in recent years.

So I feel like I’m on the front end of a process to help people in some way if I can apologize where needed and reevaluate where needed., said on the Kickstarter site: Like many of you, I read I Kissed Dating Goodbye when I was a teenager.

At the time it had a profoundly positive impact on me.

The book sold more than a million copies and some Christians followed it almost as if it were gospel.

A couple of years ago, Harris left the American megachurch he had been pastoring and moved his family to Vancouver.

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And here Joshua Harris found himself reflecting on the impact his book had on a generation, and how he inadvertently shaped Christian sexuality.

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