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Real live bisexual chat rooms

But if it sounds like a typical coming out story, it’s not: Leila is in her early 30s and identifies as a lesbian; now she’s struggling with telling her queer community that she’s also attracted to men.

The series, which originally aired on the British network Channel 4 and premieres on Hulu this Friday, is in that sweet spot between drama and comedy.

Finding an app that caters to a bisexual woman is hard, HER is one of the few apps that are legitimate.

What’s so silly is that it’s very simple: You feel exactly the way that anyone else does, only gender is not the deciding factor. I think people can understand what it is to be gay or lesbian or queer, but then when you say that you’re bisexual, there’s this idea of like, “Well now, I can’t relate to you on any level.” I assumed that was about a straight woman who comes out as bi, rather than a lesbian who does. I thought it was a major taboo — to see a woman go from women to men was something that would instantly make her seem like a negative villain, and I wanted to explore why [and explore] the discomfort that we would have as queers watching this show. The differences lie in the partners’ personality, not in their gender.

We definitely wanted to make something that spoke to more than just myself and my producer.

Also, [Leila’s roommate] Gabe brings such a different perspective.

After just graduating college, having subscriptions to these things are hard to keep up with.

And the premium trials are nice, until your 7 days are up and that is staring you in the face.

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