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Garda National Cyber Crime Bureau (GNCCB) The Internet has increasingly become a forum for people to post unacceptable comments and material about others with little thought for the personal affect such material has on their intended victim.Many online users use the anonymity provided by online forums to post comments without consequence.Make sure you have up to date anti-virus and anti-malware protection installed and running on your computer. If you didn’t buy a ticket then you didn’t win so don’t get caught.The email will say you just need to send a processors fee to an account or via a money transfer service to receive your prize. An email in broken or poor English is received and it states that the sender is the wife or representative of a decease foreign dignitary such as a President of a country or a company.Your Bank or other financial institution will not ask you to provide logon details in an email.

Most social media services offer their users a method of lodging complaints about content posted to their forums using their online complaints email or abuse reporting link.

Don’t respond, don’t provide any personal or account details and report the correspondence to Revenue and your local Garda Station.

This is probably a phishing email which is an attempt to obtain your personal account or logon details which can then be used fraudulently or sold online.

Currently Irish criminal law provides no restriction around posting comments to social media unless the contents amount to harassment.

In most cases comments that are offensive or hurtful may be defamatory and are not criminal in nature.

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