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In 1998, House began working at Real Networks, where he was first exposed to the delivery of online content and web technologies in-general.

You will defintely be seeing more of her work in the future! She did such a great job, my husband loved it, and so did I! So I sent him some LOVEY…some RACY lyrics from songs we both like. We had a little competition to see who could come up with better lyrics. You can find lyrics on the Internet, make up your own lyrics, or grab your CD’s and find something fun to send your hubby’s way. I took the covers out of the cases and made a fun wall decoration.

Then I used other CD’s and cases as display pieces all over the house.

I just want to start this post with a little “background story”.

For as long as I can remember I have LOVED Rock’n’ Roll music.


Oh yeah, and a girl who likes rock and roll will probably hate this list. She doesn’t steal the covers, but finds you great ones.

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