Romania dating rituals

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Engage in small talk and wait for the other party to change the subject to business.Read our guide to Ukrainian Management Culture for more detailed information on this topic.The influences of the Russian Orthodox Church plus a long history of turbulent economic times, unstable governments, and adverse climatic conditions produce a rather fatalistic approach towards life. It is considered the height of rudeness to eat in front of another person and not offer them something.

For a true introduction to Romania's traditional villages, consider a home stay.

Of those that do adhere to some form of religion, 37% belong to one of the three major orthodox denominations present in the country.

There are also a significant and growing number of Jews, Protestants and Muslims.

Rates range from to per person including two meals.

Rooms are clean and comfortable but some do not have private baths. For more information and reservations visit the Website of the agro-tourism organization ANTREC.

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There may be an agenda, but it serves as a guideline for the discussion and acts as a springboard to other related business ideas.

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