Rowupdating is not fired in gridview dating agency cyrano nhhtyn

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Rowupdating is not fired in gridview

I tried to to set the ID of the user control on the page load of the control (this.

The user enters data and clicks the 'update' link.

Add(bfld Activity Date); Bound Field bfld Activity Hours = new Bound Field(); bfld Activity Hours. Add(bfld Activity Hours); Command Field cfld Delete Button = new Command Field(); cfld Delete Button. Here is the C#code to bind the data to the gridview Service1 My Service = new Service1(); ds Main Data = My Service. Add(bfld Project Code); Bound Field bfld Process Code = new Bound Field(); bfld Process Code. Add(bfld Process Code); Bound Field bfld Activity Date = new Bound Field(); bfld Activity Date. Then, when I actually try to use the delete button, I get an error that the Row Deleting event is not being handled.This is only the 2nd time I've tried to create a full-fledged ASP.

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I have tried to not override in control and instead use delegates like I described in ...