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News Rack is all about keyboard shortcuts, and you can hack your way through a thicket of news in short order, without ever touching a mouse.

The app syncs with Google Reader, but you can use it in standalone mode too, should you hate yourself, or somehow believe that your life is a little too long.

The browser would detect when a site contained an RSS feed and allow you to click the button to access it.

However, all it did was to show you that feed in place, replacing a list of articles on a page with a simplified list of articles on a page, with the test summarized and pictures shrunken.

It does one thing: monitors the current web page for RSS feeds and lights up a button in the tool bar if one is available.

Despite a recent(-ish) update which was hated by many, Google Reader still lets you speed through feeds using keyboard shortcuts, offers a wealth of reading stats and – important for those whose work depends on seeing the latest news – the most up to date list of headlines thanks to the fact that it is web-based and always “in-sync.” Google Reader also scratches the Safari RSS itch thanks to its bookmarklets.

You can use one to subscribe to the current page or – and this one might be the most attractive for Safari RSS refugees – you can view the current page in Google Reader.

Like most of these RSS apps, it syncs with Google Reader, letting you mix’n’match apps on different devices, and even the same device, while keeping them all up to date.

Reeder’s schtick is its speed and its simple, well-designed and gesture-based interface.

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Your subscriptions (and their optional containing folders) are in the left column.

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