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In the past, she felt that the popularity and fame could fill the emptiness in her heart, possibly caused by the effects of having to live with a broken family.

This was one of the main reasons why she entered the entertainment industry — because she was hungry for fame.

Some accused Rui En of being unprofessional but her stance never wavered.

As a result, it led to a few producers blacklisting her.

Rui En has also been actively volunteering her service at Beyond Social Services and she even penned her experience in hopes to inspire others.

Her fan club, RBKD, offers charitable services to the needy as a birthday gift for Rui En.

When her career took off, Rui En decided that she was done with doing kissing or intimate scenes when acting.

The owner of the car tracked her down by posting her car plate number on social media.Contrary to popular opinion, Rui En is capable of having some fun too.During the shoot for , actor Shaun Chen said, “She’s very fun and nice to hang out with,” and added that it was really comfortable working with her.Poor Rui En was flamed by his fans as they warned her not to get too close to Jay Chou.Her talent in singing got her nominated as the Best Local Singer in the Singapore Hits Awards 2003 and was invited to perform at Singapore Day 2009 at London’s Hampton Court Palace.

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Rui En subsequently contacted the owner privately to settle the issue. This is the main reason why everyone should know who she is — Rui En has always been a crowd favourite.