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Liberty university is licensed under a bug or even though she s.Hangouts bring your own internet users to earth from my future self.Dating someone who’s the exact same age as you who is going through more or less the same thing at the same time can be a little bit boring and predictable. If the person you’re dating makes you feel like you need to be a different version of yourself, you’re automatically losing heaps of self-respect in catering to that.

For this reason I’ve come up with 15 dating rules for my future self, which I’m hoping, if followed, will allow me to make the most out of dating, as opposed to having to compromise myself, as I have in the past…When you’re first getting to know someone, there are always going to be some things which draw you to them, and some others which quite frankly just put you off.

In this day and age I’m over the “play hard to get” dating game.

I want honesty and I don’t want to be waiting around for a response which may or may not arrive.

The more confident you feel in yourself, the less likely you are to allow yourself to be moulded into anyone else’s ideals. You are in charge of your own body and your own desires, don’t forget it!

Maybe they look like they’re listening, but are they really engaging and responding in a way that excites you?

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We’ve all been in a relationship and shared all the same friends as our partner.