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It means that if you speak Italian, Spanish, French, or Portuguese, it will be easier for you to understand a woman from Romania. Once you visit Romania, you will realize how sexy and beautiful Romanian women are.Due to their culture and traditions, Romanian women are ready for marriage already when they are 18 years old.Dating a Slavic woman is easy if you know where to meet her. Their eyes are really bottomless, their hair is beautiful and natural, and their personality is kind.They have conquered the hearts of western men long time ago.However, most of Bulgarians speak fluent English nowadays. Despite that, they are very sensitive and feminine.

Romanian language belongs to the Romance group of languages. Women from Slavic countries are all different, but they are all confident, beautiful, feminine, and amazing wives.

Moreover, the oldest gold treasure in the world was found in that country.

So, if you would love to discover Eastern European dating, keep in mind that Bulgaria is a country with a rich history.

Slavic brides in from Slovakia and Czech Republic lead a healthy lifestyle and adore sports. You will be surprised how trustworthy Bulgarian women are.

Most women from these countries speak English, so you will not have any problems when communicating with them. Bulgarian language sounds a bit like Russian and they have almost the same alphabet.

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Long hair, slim bodies, natural look are in their blood.