Sales is like dating Myanmar web camera

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Sales is like dating

You’re drinking some beers, sharing some laughs–maybe playing a bit of trivia. The most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen is alone at the bar. If you think you can figure out how to flirt with a girl without taking a genuine interest in her, you’re gonna be dead wrong. If you aren’t enthusiastic about your product, prepare yourself to watch your commission checks dwindle. Before you can sell to customers, you have to sell yourself on the product first. Tap her shoulder when she’s trying to talk to someone else. If you can’t make a pitch without stammering, sweating, or shaking, it’s going to send a clear message. It takes confidence to take that rejection in stride and pitch to the next customer.

Those sales resulted from cold calls following up on a campaign or having coffees with contacts.If you have listened carefully and identified needs you will be able to provide value.It is important to do so even if it’s not going to generate revenue directly because of the principle of reciprocity. Acknowledging that at this point in time there isn’t a need for your product/services is perfectly ok.Of course there are still some meetings where there isn’t a direct action or outcome. Sometimes a date is unsuccessful and you can’t wait to get out of the room.Do you send him/her a quick text to say thanks but no thanks? Nobody deserves to be neglected or forgotten and the same goes for prospects that didn’t have potential.

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But in a committed relationship, women want a man who is confident in himself.

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