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Santiago 2 ang dating biblia

These Bible Societies assist in faithful translation of Scriptures as well as provide assistance to other national Bible Societies.The Bible Societies are often the only source of supply for people who could not otherwise afford the Scriptures, or who live in places far from commercial outlets. The Philippine Bible Society strives to make God’s Word available to all audiences.In all other cases, the user must first get permission from the Philippine Bible Society.Permission requests must be directed to: [email protected] Exodo Levitico Mga Bilang Deuteronomio Josue Mga Hukom Ruth 1-Samuel 2-Samuel 1-Mga Hari 2-Mga Hari 1-Paralipomeno 2-Paralipomeno Ezra Nehemias Ester Job Awit Kawikaan Mangangaral Awit ng mga Awit Isaias Jeremias Panaghoy Ezekiel Daniel Hosea Joel Amos Obadias Jonas Mikas Nahum Habacuc Sofonias Hagai Zacarias Malakias Mateo Marcos Lucas Juan Mga Gawa Roma 1-Corinto 2-Corinto Galacia Efeso Filipos Colosas 1-Tesalonica 2-Tesalonica 1-Timoteo 2-Timoteo Tito Filemon Mga Hebreo Santiago 1-Pedro 2-Pedro 1-Juan 2-Juan 3-Juan Judas Pahayag Pradeep Augustine is the founder of Catholic Gallery.He is a passionate Writer, An Artist, a computer geek and a part-time Blogger who loves to write a lot of contents on Catholicism in his free time. Get Cool, where he shares a lot of technical Contents. Ang Sulat ni Santiago (pangkaraniwang pamagat) o "Sulat ni Jacobo" (hindi pangkaraniwang pamagat) ay aklat sa Bagong Tipan na isinulat ni Santiago na kapatid ni Hesus (kilala rin bilang Santiago ang Bata May pagkakatulad ang Sulat ni Santiago sa mga Sulat ni San Pablo sapagkat naisulat ito, kasama ng iba pang tinaguriang mga Katolikong Sulat o mga Sulat Pandaigdig dahil sa partikular na suliranin o mga pagtatalong pangteolohiya sa loob ng unang mga Simbahan.

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The MBB is translated from the Hebrew and Greek textual bases which are recognized by many scholars worldwide as the best and most-trusted bases for translation.

In this light, readers are assured that the text may be quoted (in written, visual, or electronic form) without requesting permission from the Philippine Bible Society provided that the number of verses does not exceed five hundred (500) and that the verses quoted represent less than half a complete book of the Bible.

Mit runderneuertem Schaft erfreut dich der perfekte Allrounder mit einer sensationellen Passform und nochmals höherem Komfort.

Als Zugabe hat Nike ihn auch noch ein paar Gramm leichter für dich gemacht.

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