Science fiction dating service

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Maggie was having boyfriend troubles and her friends were supporting her after the tacky breakup-by-text-message of the night before.They all agreed they needed to find better quality men.

Still, I imagine these aliens are going to hit a few rough patches with the way they autocratically order their special lady friends to do things and make decisions for them without giving them any say. This is a sweet romance with a HEA between a feisty redhead who wont be pushed around and a bossy Alpha male who is softie at heart.

To Joran’s great surprise, the mating bond had activated and the Scorching process had begun!

This book was absolutely brilliant, beautifully written, and I loved it from the start!

Someone special had to be out there somewhere, right?

So they agreed to sign up to the new Star-Crossed Dating Service for a free trial promising an “out of this world” experience.

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With so few women left on their planet, his parents had to look elsewhere for his special woman – and he wasn’t very pleased with what they were doing!