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The estimated net worth of Scott Patterson is about 15 million dollars.

Scott also played baseball before entering into acting field, for seven years and he was a professional pitcher. Scott is also famous for his role as Agent Strahm in “Saw VI”, “Saw V” and “Saw IV”.

This song was released by “Blind Horse Records” which was Scott’s new label.

Scott Patterson got married to Vera Davich in the year 1983.

Scott was very happy with the arrival of his first child and posted a picture of his newborn son on Twitter. She played a role in the TV series “Gilmore Girls” and most of the people think that may be Scott Patterson met her for first time here.

Kristine played the role of Chrissy in this TV series. Kristine also played in “Qualified” and “Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story”.

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The role that he was convinced he'd never get because he wasn't a name actor? You guys might get blamed if sales are down because so many fans will be home watching instead.

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