Scout taylor compton and andy sixx dating

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Because Hanna Beth was just a slut for throwing herself all over Andy when he was with scout. I know why ;; Well, Andy Sixx was with Scout when he met hanna Beth merjos.There is no official confirmation from him about his workout routine or diet plan. Scroll down and check out her slim body, short and/or medium light brown hairstyles & haircuts. Besides an actor, he was also the writer for the film, which is the full-length feature film.From 2012 to 2014, Andy Biersack played the role as Andy in the comedy series Average Joe. Andy Sixx is very lean and may not be doing any sort of workout.

(I don't know who she cheated on him with) yes, yes she is. Nobody is confirming that they're dating and there is no pictures of them together on Google.. On his form-spring he says he is single and is happy to be having a break. He's just a guy/kid that got to live up to his dream as a rock star, at a young age. He hates it when people write 'Sixx' with the two x's.

(Black Veil Brides) Andrew Biersack (also known as Andy Sixx) Is SUPER HOTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is what me and my sister looked up and found in the book for we had to read part 1 over our christmas break.

" Andrew Dennis Biersack, a 20 year old "rockstar" in a Rn R band called Black Veil Brides. He grew up in Cincinatti, Ohio with his parents, Amy and Chris Biersack, but… Nikki Sixx has been at the gym latetly via Sixx Sense. \m/ Nikki Sixx wears bandanas around his forehead most of the time too.

) She had no reason to because Andy loved her too much to hurt her and cause her to cheat on him.

Improved answer: They broke up because Scout Taylor Compton cheated on Andy Sixx (I can't believe she did this!

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if it is the actress Scout Taylor-Compton from the "Halloween" remake and "The Runaways" she was dating Andy 6 for 5 years and then borke up in 2010.