Sedating triple warmer second response online dating

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I can trust myself as a perfect and luminous Creator. The light of this awareness has been slowly dawning over the past few years, as I've come into the recognition that every experience is a perfect gift from my Higher Self, my Spirit. Every incident, occurrence, event, "accident", etc. carries with it an opportunity for healing, enhanced awareness, spiritual growth for yourself and others involved. When we are able to recognize the perfection of our own creations, we can identify and claim the gift(s) in any situation.

Specific energy roadways that run through the body are created as a polarity pairs – yin/yang, male/female, or fear/trust.

All fourteen meridian roadways have a polarity opposite: example of the triple warmer meridian that regulates the flight, fight, freeze response (yang/masculine) with the polarity opposite spleen meridian that regulates the strange flows/immune response (yin/feminine).

This over-energized triple warmer meridian, over years, depleted the strange flow energy from the spleen meridian.

Sedating this meridian helps to soothe and calm stress in your body, mind and emotions.

Benefits: The triple warmer meridian is closely linked with the fight-or-flight response.

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