Sex before dating

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In the future if I ever have a new partner, I'd say 2-3 months would be more likely.

It takes me some time to feel sexually interested and comfortable with someone new.

I wouldn't call that waiting though, since waiting seems to imply some sort of strategy. I do, however, require sexual exclusivity before we have sex. The best way for a guy to ensure that he will not get a second date is to be sexually aggressive with me.

I have strong boundaries and they won't be crossed.

He’ll feel pressured, and you’ll miss out on the amazing feeling that comes from a man naturally wanting to secure things with you.

Even though you may want a man to “just know” early on that you’re the only one for him, things usually don’t work this way with most men.

The important thing to keep in mind during this stage is that it’s normal – yes, a man will spend time with you before fully committing.

I've had a lot of bad experiences with people who are too aggressive so the more aggressive someone seems without respecting my boundaries the longer I'll wait & the likelier I am not to pursue them. I don't have the patience for a mediocre sex life.

You have sex when you're comfortable and ready. But there shouldn't be a time frame when it's deemed ok. It's your choice.i don't date anybody i'm not already highly sexually attracted to, so not very long.

Before a man chooses whether or not to commit to you, you’ll need to move through a couple of key stages with him. Here, Christian Carter fills you in so you know what to expect…and tells you how to make the most of each stage so he’ll want to keep moving the relationship forward.

It’s natural for you to want to know that things are progressing in a relationship, but talking about it before a man is ready can often prevent the closeness you want.

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So let’s see how we feel about things over the next few weeks or months (set a time here you feel comfortable with), and we’ll decide if there’s something more serious that we both want.”When you say this to a guy, there’s an unconscious button that’s pushed in his mind that tells him that you are a respectable and desirable woman who has the ability and the strength to pick and choose what happens in your life, and he better rise to the occasion.