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Sex chat with avatars

They look like human beings, human-like (often animated) characters or other living creatures.They are either static, semi dynamic with multiple (emotional) states or are rendered dynamically with complex expressions.These generators work entirely within the Internet environment and require no expensive software, character modeling knowledge or artistic ability.Even the most inexperienced of novice Internet surfers can design their dream girl avatar in minutes, personalizing everything from eyes and nose to wardrobe and pets.She learns from your conversations and is willing to adapt to personal situations.Well trained in commands for a wide variety of sexual activities. A full year of development in the learning processes and additional training during Private Alpha Build stages has gone into the making of this first public version of the Official Pubic Beta Release.They seem to be popping up everywhere on the internet, on smart phones and other internet connected devices.

Quite often this term is used to address human-like online assistants representing organizations, commercial firms and brands.

Choose a skin color and face or head shape, then decide on hair length and color, mouth, nose and eye shape and placement, eye brows and nose.

Add age and facial marks, then add jewelery and makeup if desired.

These virtual assistants are able to answer questions and perform tasks through conversational dialogs with humans.

Avatars are the visual representations of real or artificial intelligence in the virtual world.

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The technology for creating avatars is evolving at a high rate, especially our ability to reproduce human beings.

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