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While the government generally refrains from blocking or removing online content, in May 2015, an episode of a web series satirizing the police response to protests in Yerevan was removed by You Tube.

Allegedly the video was originally flagged by the police for removal, and it was removed due to copyrighted clip in the video.

The regulatory authorities in Armenia primarily focus on companies with significant market power.

There are 33 companies in the Armenian telecommunications sector providing services including wired and wireless telecommunication services.

Improvements to the infrastructure have resulted in fewer disruptions to internet service over the past year compared with previous years.

Service was expected to start on January 1, 2015, but as of May 2015 it is not yet available.

Operators plan and develop their networks without any coordination with either the government or the regulatory authority.

Moreover, the regulatory authority requires service providers to indicate any technological restrictions in their public offers.

The fastest growing ISP is Rostelecom, with 26,208 new subscriptions, an increase by 18,993 subscribers in one year,[3] while Armentel, the largest ISP providing mostly ADSL broadband internet access, is losing ground.

The mobile penetration rate in Armenia was 116 percent as of 2014,[4] and the number of mobile broadband subscriptions is also growing.

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