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Combatting our existential concerns of how we connect and communicate now amplified within the world of online dating, they aim to slow the rate at which we find relationships, echoing our increased desire for ‘meaningful content’ online.

Conversations with friends reveal that on closer inspection, there is something discomforting about the rush of swiping to match with as many people as possible on Tinder.

Event coordinators organise future dates after checking score sheets of everyone attending so you won’t have long to wait to see who was interested in who.

Come to a Fastlove event and you'll be talking to and meeting up to 25 dates in one night, each lasting at least three minutes. Watch this video to find out more about Fastlove Speed Dating.

These alternative apps are aligned in their efforts to reduce the overwhelming amount of options we’re inundated with in the day-to-day cacophony of consumerist activity.

Quality over quantity is the new philosophy of the online dating game, with each app telling us its respective algorithm can keep us afloat and active in who we choose to engage with, stopping us sinking beneath a bottomless pit of profiles and conversations instigated (and often ended with) trashy one-liners.

While the mere mention of ‘slow dating’ has many imagining the myriad forms speed dating could take if reversed – a never-ending timespan to suffer in small talk without being saved by the bell – it is fast becoming reality as dating apps flock to deliver our collective crisis into the clutches of tech corporations.

Hinge hooks you up with those you share Facebook friends with, creating an easier way of meeting someone you at least share something more solid with than a mutual dislike of cats.

Bumble integrated zodiac filters to allow spiritually-minded users to cancel out incompatible star signs, letting us forgo fire signs or dip our toes into a pool of water signs.

By asking questions and listening to what members of the opposite sex have to say is a great way of providing you with a good idea if that particular person appeals to you or not.

Some people say this way of finding romance is better than going to a bar or club for instance due to a more relaxing, intimate atmosphere.

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Namely, that switching off altogether might be better for our mental health than scrolling through a never-ending hellfire of content.

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