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Well my system/computer may be faster than yours, I do not know.But Windows Cleanup even after a clean install on my computer has never taken more than maybe 3 to 4 mins tops! Ok now that explains why mine does it a lot faster David, as both my computers have a ssd installed for the C drive. In the Settings panel, select the Downloads tab and you'll find the "Clear Download Cache" button at the bottom.

After I ran the System Files Cleanup option in Disk Cleanup, it reported that I could gain over 18GB by proceeding. I disabled it by going to Control Panel Networking and deselecting "c Fos Speed for faster internet connections (NDIS 6)".This instantly improved my download and upload speeds. Apparently I had mistakenly installed a program called "c Fos Speed Internet Accelerator Ping Optimizer" during my transition to Windows 10, thinking it was an essential driver.If you're still having trouble with your downloads and any games that won't start, please contact Steam Support. Has anyone else noticed how slow Disk Cleanup has become if you choose 'Clean up system files' and select Windows Update Cleanup after a clean install of Windows 10?

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but on this dell n5110 i have a very low speed i just can down load at 140 kb per second and at the time of downloading with this speed my whole wireless internet doesn't work on other laptops like at the moment i haven't internet on the others!!!!

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