Soberdating net

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Soberdating net

i cam on my messenger flynn, would you like my screenname?I enjoy women that are lonely or bored or can understand me being in that same state, you know?Happy to have this little medallion chip to remind me that there are aspects of my life that I can control and to be grateful. I feel for the “Normal” people who struggle for years and some times never “Get it.” We are so lucky to be alcoholics and have AA. I would much rather see a singer who is untrained strain to hit a note than a trained rehearsed singer technically perform the music.It is who we are, raw untrained singers trying to hit that note. Creativity, Sex, Music are all enhanced with a clear mind, body and emotions.However, the alcoholic must recover enough to overcome inhibitions.When I got sober, I thought I would never have any fun ever again.

I am so powerless over so many things and situations in this world.

well i am a modern sinlge male and do enjoy cooking.

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it's there for the option to just have a chat whenever you can't get into this site or for those taht don't like to go into the chatroom because they get bombarded by pms.

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