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Not the fault of the company but just expect it to happen.The only positive is after attending over 12 events and spending a lot of capital, I dated someone from predating for a few months. Thought I would at least get 3 out of the 10 guys or so that I met.

The only catch is expect a few no show which impact your chances.

Like to talk to again and we will send you the results in email within the next day or two.

This really does not matter much since most people are upfront about their age. Am a loving, caring, and successful businessman, I should find someone already. They should be overly empathetic, as we are discussing finding a life long partner. Attended a speed dating event that was organised by Cityswoon on Sat 29th June 2019. Plus less judging since you have to at least make effort to speak to the person.

One of my friends just married a guy she met at speed dating!

To meet this many people from online dating sites would take months but with speed dating I met more than 12 people each time.

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HIGHLY recommend avoiding this service, unless you like false advertising, unprofessional organizers and hosts, and being called a liar as customer and consumer.

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