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Sql 2016 replication immediate updating subscription

Latency can be caused by various factors, including geographical distance between nodes; network traffic or bandwidth constraints; transactional load on the publisher; and system resources.Less common causes, but by no means rare, are problems such as stalled agents, failed jobs and unexpected locking / other resource conflicts.Merge replication incorporates changes at both the publisher and the subscriber; and transactional replication is an incremental flow of data from the publisher to the subscriber (much like a streaming news service, in this context).

For example, the REPORTS_JP database takes pub_2, which may contain articles dealing exclusively with sales in Japan - e.g. Push subscriptions are initiated from the publisher - that is to say, the log reader agent on the publisher scan the transaction log of the database with publications (containing articles) for replication, determines which transactions are to be replicated (log reader agent) then the distribution agent sends the transactions to the distributor, which forwards those transactions onto the subscription database, where they are applied.

The subscriber does not actively query either the distribution database or the publisher; instead, it waits for inbound transactions. The subscribers, through the distribution agent, will periodically question the distribution database for unapplied transactions, gather the transaction and apply it to the subscription database.

The distribution database will then be updated to show those transactions have been applied.

such as that generated by SSRS and third-party reporting products) to run against accurate data without causing transaction processing issues.

Below is a very basic architectural example where replication could be used. New_Customers with a filter on customers with column Country = 'JP' may form valid and relevant articles in this context.

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Poor latency can be planned for and incorporated into an architectural plan - normally the acceptable latency will be a function of business requirements, for example in the model above, the natural latency between the UK and Japan may be 3 minutes.

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