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In 2017, Rue was cast in the recurring role of Olivia Caliban on the second season of the Netflix comedy drama series A Series of Unfortunate Events.

on September 02, 2019 in Happy Singlehood The opening of the new academic year is a great time for a change - a time to actively encourage and promote the serious study of happy and healthy solo living. Putting a child on a diet is harmful but should a parent try to control their child's eating? Her first appearance on the show occurred on November 17, 2008.In 2009, Rue appeared in the movies Man Maid and For Christ's Sake.The show was cancelled after its second season in 2016.Rue has a recurring role as Nancy Granville on ABC's American Housewife.

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on September 01, 2019 in Happiness and the Pursuit of Leadership Civil discourse norms are eroding. on September 02, 2019 in Lead with Kindness Is the daily news zapping away all your joy? on September 02, 2019 in Understanding Narcissism If you are confused by the new narcissistic slang and are wondering what love bombing, hoovering, gaslighting, and flying monkeys actually mean, here are the answers you need. But here are seven words that can serve as your new, trusty brake pedals to slow down those racing thoughts. That way, you'll be happy, and they’ll get the nutrition their growing bodies and brains need.