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Through the game, he was able to form a close bond and the two eventually began communicating through social media and phone calls for several months. When the two met, it was reported that the woman got drunk and passed out.When she woke up, she realized she had been assaulted, but there was no evidence at the time to arrest Atkins.

Police came to the scene and arrested Rodgers while he tried to escape.When the detective on this case was talking about Rogers, another detective recognized similarities in his own case that he was working on.This led the Birmingham police to believe that the two incidents were connected to the same perpetrator.The victim admits to telling him to, “come over and hang out.” She said that the two agreed to meet and “smoke a blunt.” According to news reports, the two went for a ride in Harden’s car when the attack happened.In court, the woman testified that she tried to exit the vehicle multiple times, but the door could only be opened from the outside and her window was locked.

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He could be found prowling multiple dating sites such as Christian Mingle and Somehow she must have changed his mind, because Banks claims they began to kiss and move to the bedroom. After the two hung out for a bit, Redden allegedly sexually assaulted the woman.

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  1. Like I said I am strictly posting this as a biology lesson!!! The skin sorta moves, hard to explain , I really need to use hand gestures. Lately I’ve been watching this scene over and over (as well as some other porn - some of which has like groups of black guys hooking up with each other).