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Following Tribal Council, Christian and Nick told Davie Rickenbacker that Gabby was responsible for Jessica's elimination as a form of damage control.

The Mason-Dixon Alliance remained in the middle of the strategy, but the Davids won immunity on Day 9 meaning no further tribe members would be voted out prior to the swap.

At the Final Tribal Council, Christian asked the finalists to highlight a move they had made which demonstrated how they outwitted their competition.

Respecting Mike's game the most, he voted for Mike to win; Mike ultimately lost to Nick 7-3-0.

Following the Tribe Switch, Christian along with Gabby were switched to the new Tiva tribe where they were joined by Goliath's Dan Rengering, John Hennigan and Alison Raybould.

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Tiva won the remaining challenges, while Christian continued to reassure Gabby that despite her bad position they would find a way to get further in the game.

At the merge, Christian became a part of a cross-tribal alliance called the Strikeforce with Nick, Gabby and former Goliath's Alec Merlino, Alison and Mike White.

On Day 28, Christian defeated Alec to win immunity, in part due to his ramblings and attempts to make conversation with Jeff.

Despite wanting Carl out for his bossiness, he contributed to Alec's unanimous elimination at the subsequent Tribal Council.

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Though Angelina was frustrated the Goliaths didn't listen to her last time, she went along with the plan.