Svn checksum mismatch while updating bestdatingsitesandtips com

Posted by / 15-Oct-2019 17:19

Svn checksum mismatch while updating

But just in case, make a backup copy of the .svn\text-base file.

I think this happened because i did an svn update before commit because it complained that my version is outdated.

Something has gotten out of sync or has become corrupt, and because it's in your BASE directory, unless you are confident tinkering with this, you're probably better off deleting the parent of the directory and then perform an update.

Of course, take a backup or see if an export works before doing this, so you don't lose any changes.

Could it be related to committing to a pegged file?I solved the issue as the following First, backup the folder where the problem is 2ns, Delete the original folder and commit it. Copy TTTT/content to your normal source directory (override the existing content).3rd, copy folder from backup folder 4th, I could commit this folder without the issue This may not be the good solution, since, I delete the folder and commit, So that I think I can not revert it after I fixed this issue if I want to. Checkout the last copy from your repository into some directory (f.e. You are done - the original directory may be committed.Anyway, it's fixed for me and hope my solution helps someone else too.There are a number of hits when you go searching for this problem, some of those workarounds may work better for you - this is just what worked for me.

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