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Syria dating site

I have witnessed situations where single women refused to work in places where men were present as they feared that they might be the object of malicious pranks or accused of having malicious intentions.

You can still regularly see young women and some who are not so young being accompanied by a chaperone such as a brother, even in Damascus. Social classes are very defined and dictate your future in Syrian society.

Meet other single adults in Syria like you - whether you are a single parent, divorced, separated, or have never been married.

Although Syria is a Muslim country, Islamic law does not govern it.People are free to practice their beliefs as long as it does not interfere with public life and the security of others.Syrians are more connected with their Arab heritage rather than their religion and historical religious sites of both religions mosques, churches, and other monuments are spread all over the Syrian landscape, Muslim and Christian.In order to do this, she must prove that her husband has abused her or neglected his other duties as a husband.If a man wants to divorce a woman, all he has to do is go to court and orally demand a divorce three times, then the court will order him a divorce.

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In private industry and the countryside, they do not participate in decision-making and are very hard workers.

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