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Teletoon dating guy

Later, "Fred at Night" moved to Thursdays and, with the launch of the Canadian version of Adult Swim (via the Canadian version of Cartoon Network), most of the original programming from the U. In 2014, it was announced that Bite would be shutting down, and some series would moving to Teletoon at Night on August 24, 2014.It was later revealed on Adult Swim's Facebook page that the new series, dubbed Night Sweats, will air on Adult Swim instead.Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim has, for years now, brought adults (and either older, or lucky, kids) some of the better evening-time animation.Similarly, Teletoon has it’s own after dark programing they call Teletoon at Night, running from 9pm through the morning.In 2009, the Teletoon at Night branding was introduced but as the name of a separate block; with Teletoon at Night airing on weekdays and Teletoon Detour airing on weekends.In 2010, the "Detour" branding was dropped entirely.Teletoon at Night (formerly The Detour) is a defunct Canadian English-language late night programming block that aired on Teletoon, which is owned by Corus Entertainment.

In February 2016, several TV series that were airing on Adult Swim began airing on Teletoon at Night.Teletoon at Night's roots lie in two former program blocks that aired on Teletoon: the teenage-oriented block formally known as "The Detour," and the adult-oriented "Teletoon Unleashed" block, which had been dropped due to lack of new content.In September 2004, the two blocks were amalgamated, with all-new branding created by Guru Studio.Robot Chicken is it’s own world, using a mixture of animation styles (from stop motion claymation to CG) to tell wacky stories and adventures.And all to the delight of Teletoon at Night fans, everywhere.

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In the fall, Teletoon at Night's weekend schedule was branded as Fred at Night, hosted by Fearless Fred of Toronto, who runs radio station CFNY-FM.