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The rules dating men

You want a woman who basically sweats confidence wherever she goes.

Compliment her, but don’t try to shower her with too many. Don’t admit you’re nervous, though it can be sweet, it’s not a huge turn on. If you’ve had some horror dates, you can share the story, it’s fine. In addition, I would keep those stories to a minimum.

So, there’s no point bullshitting, she already knows.

Yes, you can talk about your past relationships, that fine, but wait until a couple dates down the road before you unload your baggage on them. Whether she’s expecting you to pay or not, it’s always nice to offer. If this is your second or third date, this still doesn’t mean that you two are an item.

Maybe I’m just old school, but I think if you ask for someone’s time, you pay. So, if you see her texting some other guy or telling you that she’s also seeing someone else, you can’t be offended.

Then you change your status on Facebook to “in a relationship” and you’re good to go.

Well, it’s not that easy, especially nowadays, there are dating rules for men to follow.

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"Women can operate with their heart instead of their head." Following dating rules help you set and maintain your own standards and make sure you don't allow your emotions to overrule your common sense.

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