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Nice guy game is being too much of a sweet, sweet, sweet grandfatherly figure to her. You’re asking the girl questions, but there is no leading, there is no physicality, you’re not touching the girl.

With nice guy game, you’re reacting to the girl instead of leading her, leading the conversation, leading the physical touch.

He’s amazingly sweet, compassionate, and wow, we had the best sex ever.” Marie...if you're introverted or not the best-looking guy by "speaking to her DNA", a unique speaking technique I decoded. The fact is many younger women have a thing for older gentlemen.

Today, my friend, I’m giving you 6 tips to dating younger women.

It’ll send across the message that you are not someone who can be used for sex in exchange of luxuries.

Older gentlemen especially get wrapped up in doing nice guy game with younger girls.

#2 Don’t be His Toy Just the way it would be wrong to presume that all younger men are immature, it is equally off-the-mark to assume that all older men are sorted in their head.

Older men using younger women to fan their egos is not entirely unheard of.

If you have met an older man who just swept you off your feet, don’t let the age difference come in the way of what may be a beautiful relationship waiting to happen.

Remember age is after all just a number and younger women dating older men is no longer taboo.

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Nice guy game is looking for indicators of interest from the girl before you’ll talk to her or make a move.

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