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Tips dating my husband

Too often we put the burden of romance on our men, but ladies I’m going to tell you: So pursue your man; let him know how much you desire him, emotionally and physically.If you’re like me and sex is an area that can make you blush a little easier than some, I encourage you to do what I’m trying hard to do and A good sex life is definitely a hefty contributor to a healthy marriage.

It sounds silly, but as time goes on we forget to get lost in conversation rather than just sharing the necessary details of each day…or we have conversations with everyone else, but forget to talk to our spouse (who should be our best friend! If I’m not careful, I could go days at a time only talking with hubby about homeschooling, discipline challenges, and the items on the to-do list. Getting to know him all over again through conversations that go past home maintenance, budgeting, and kids is a great way to fall in love your husband again.

This is for the average couple who has just gotten so busy living that they’ve set loving to the side.

Some things can’t be fixed with prayer, a few dates, and great sex; some issues require counseling and intensive effort and even more time.

As mamas of young children, we tend to focus most of our time and energy on our children. So how do you make marriage work when you can’t afford to hire a babysitter once a month, let alone once a week? We don’t have family around who can watch our children for free. Making sushi together and then eating your creations. If you got neighbors involved (it would really need to be a next-door neighbor since children are sleeping), you could have a cook-off. I am more of a texter, but if you’re not, I’m sure he’d still love to hear your voice.

Especially for those mamas who stay home with their children, it’s hard to change this mindset. It’s easy to turn on the television or hop on Facebook or Pinterest, watch Instagram Stories, and zone out. If he immediately answers and asks what’s wrong, you might need to make more contact during the day :). It’s really the simple things that we forget to do. What would life be like if you could flip a switch and be “in the mood”? But you can totally change the way you think about sex!

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