Top dating ideas

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You can choose the price of admission at a lot of museums, or you might be able to go for free on a certain day of the month.

Not all museums need to be grand buildings, either.

Maybe you can take a hike or enjoy a day at the beach, a day in a neighboring city, or ride bicycles around.

Are you and your partner history buffs, or do you just enjoy learning more about your local area?

Craft a timeline of events and places and go visit them.

Smartphones come equipped with fairly decent cameras, so you shouldn’t need any extra equipment for this other than an optional tripod or selfie-stick.

Spend a few hours talking, enjoying the food, and people-watching.

Stop and admire the beauty of nature and leave the electronics behind.

Most hikes can be had for free, but if you want to have a better chance at a clean path, look to state parks, which often charge only for parking.

While date nights fall by the wayside as life gets busier, so does getting in touch with your creative side.

When is the last time you painted, drew, or colored something?

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Introduce some playfulness into your life by getting your partner in on the fun.