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Trailer for internet dating

The VF piece wasn’t representative of Tinder’s larger user base, only a sliver.

And the complaints from a few users couldn’t be used to make a point about the entire industry.

But the VF piece was actually more memorable for Tinder’s response. In a 30-tweet tirade (that’s still some of the best of the internet, mind you), the company lost its ever-lovin’ mind on both Vanity Fair and Nancy Jo Sales alike.

I mean, sometimes this film is just comedy gold, I swear.) Of course, with a user base in the tens of millions, a good handful of happy emails should be expected.

As for “Swiped’s” milieu, much of its action is in the city.

Specifically, scene after scene in the film is labeled, as if the experiences of people in this competitive and unique market – a place where leveling up to something better is a way of life – could somehow represent a universal truth applicable to all of Tinder’s estimated 50 million users.

Don’t you at least once or twice have to choose the wrong person, so you can begin to triangulate on what’s right?

Unfortunately, the film doesn’t fully correct the article’s problem in terms of its demographic samplings.

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“We have some of these game-like elements, where you almost feel like you’re being rewarded,” says Baden. The ramifications of our smartphone addictions are only now being examined, in fact.