Triathlon singles dating

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We may have missed the win, but we still made the podium, and more importantly, we made it together.

For me it's a must that my mate is an athlete, one who sees fitness as a firm fixture of his lifestyle.

You can participate in one of our event weeks where together with a group of like-minded people you can pursue your particular interest, be it cycling, training for Ironman, aerobics, dancing or yoga.

Swingtime Convention, an international team of professional instructors is waiting to give you the ultimate fitness experience, bursting with energy, professionalism, power, social activities and plenty of sunshine.

A few years back, my boyfriend (also a triathlete) and I entered a snowshoe relay race.

Were we ever certain our endurance experience would clinch the win!

As one who's "been there, done that" in a variety of scenarios, I feel qualified to add my two cents. Sure, he had a naturally fit physique and the talent to thrive in almost any endeavor.Why not combine your holiday with activities like Spinning, Body Pump, Pilates, Swimming, Running, Cycling and Charlotte Bircow's famous classes "Flat stomach forever" or "Buns of steel". This Seniors Bike Week is for people over 50 who enjoy biking under the sun in beautiful scenery on challenging routes.You will ride in different ability groups depending on your strength or fitness.What a treat it is to have someone waiting for you at the finish line, especially when you can reciprocate.It may be hard to date a non-athlete but having a "cross-amour" with whom you don't compete is a recipe for harmonic convergence.

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This, coming from the girl whose first trip to the Ironman World Championship was on my honeymoon, two weeks tacked on at the end of my husband's race.