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After a tribe has won, the world will automatically go to peace settings and will eventually be closed.

The Age Of Enlightenment is a type of Endgame, introduced in July 2019 in which players or tribes will need to conquer one of the special University villages and upgrade the University on a certain level.

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Eventually it will be time to make an attack on any villages holding secrets your tribe does not yet control.

To win the game a tribe must hold a full set of secrets.

In a dominance-based endgame, this could mean that you and your tribunates are close to winning the world.

We'll also use a cookie to remember you allowing us to set cookies.The newly spawned "copy" of the secret is just as good as the original!Eventually the secrets will spread around more and more, making it ever harder to keep your opponents' greedy hands from them.Once a tribe or a player builds the last level of the University in this special village, the world will end.To achieve that goal faster, the players of a tribe must work together and send resources to the village.

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